Heads of the districts of Tatarstan and entrepreneurs played a business game

18 December 2017, Monday
In Kazan, entrepreneurs taught public officials to work with investors, and civil servants showed the businessmen the way of effective interaction with authorities. In the framework of business game organized by Tatarstan Investment Development Agency, Tatarstan’s entrepreneurs and representatives of municipal authorities built the investment process together.

On December 18, the Kazan «Riviera» hosted a business game in a program «Investment activity in the Republic of Tatarstan» organized by Tatarstan Investment Development Agency. Representatives of local authorities and entrepreneurs had to work together to develop skills: building interaction with the investor in accordance with the proposed situation, defining the stages of work aiming at signing a memorandum on the implementation of investment project on the territory of the district.

According to the Head of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Taliya Minullina, the municipalities need to be more active in attracting investors to the republic.

«The struggle for investors between the municipalities of Tatarstan is intensifying, the number of sites is increasing, the residents should be involved — this is not an easy work requiring specific competencies. Training for districts should be performed regularly», — Taliya Minullina stated.

The Head of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Taliya Minullina noted the mechanisms of PPP, concessions and public subsidies as tools for attracting co-financing to the districts for implementing the projects.
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