Tatarstan Investment Development Agency summed up the results of 2017

28 December 2017, Thursday

The final board of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency with participation of Tatarstan Prime-Minister Alexey Pesoshin took place in Kazan. The Head of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Taliya Minullina reported that such achievements as the first investments from foreign funds, establishing in Tatarstan the first in Russia "Schneider Electric" R&D center, the launch of the first PPP project under Federal Law 224-FZ - sports complex of "Aqua-region" company became the most significant for the Agency and the republic.


According to Taliya Minullina, investment in fixed capital for 2017 will amount to 677 billion rubles. For the period of 9 months, internal funds of local enterprises make 59% in the structure of investments in fixed assets.

"Even in difficult economic conditions, Tatarstan's enterprises continue to implement investment programs," - Taliya Minullina noted.

According to her, world investment flows are still unable to reach the level of 2007. Investment results of the year in Tatarstan are projected on the level of last year.

Taliya Minullina noted the cooperation with the Turkish company Sunrise Capital having invested to Tatarstan 27 million dollars among the major projects, investments of which have already entered the economy of Tatarstan. Also a joint project of "KAMAZ" and Daimler should be noted among those. Investments of the German party amounted to 22 million dollars.

The main investment news of this year is Naberezhnye Chelny leaving Yelabuga district behind in terms of the volume of attracted investment due to comfortable conditions for investors working in the Territory of Advanced Social and Economic Development. For the first time in ten years, the city bypassed even SEZ "Alabuga" by investment.


R&D center and Schneider Electric production

Vice President of Schneider Electric Armen Badalov speaking on the board of the Agency indicated that the creation of R&D center in Innopolis is only one of the company's initiatives to its presence in Tatarstan.

"We are currently working on other variants of joint work including the location of production in Tatarstan", - he commented.

In the frames of the work in Tatarstan, the digital platform Schneider Electric will be launched and will cover all the layers of industrial Internet including the most complex ones. Russia is one of the first countries in the world where the platform will be developed through the republic. A lot of attention and investments will be given to cybersecurity in the frames of the center of the company in Innopolis, he explained.

R&D-center wil be opened in Innopolis in March, 2018.


Tomotherapy with the use of advanced equipment in Tatarstan

The Chairman of the Board of Volga region Tomotherapy Center "Saknur" Aida Ilyasova told the guests that with participation of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency the advanced center of tomotherapy was established in the republic to enable the patients with oncological diseases to receive radiotherapy on modern equipment without leaving anywhere. According to Aida Ilyasova, at the moment, fitting with medical equipment in such centers does not comply with the requirements of time. In the new center opened in the republic 500 patients have been treated already and hundred more patients can undergo treatment till the end of the year.

The center is operating almost 24 hours a day, over 100 patients per day are accepted. But untill 2020, 7 more new devices are needed. Annually in Tatarstan over 7 thousand poeople need radiation therapy, Aida Ilyasova explained.


The first project in the frames of PPP

Deputy Director General of "Aqua-Region" company Marat Chudnovskiy reported that due to support of the Head of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Taliya Minullina the first PPP project in Russia under Federal Law 224-FZ will appear in the republic.

According to the agreement, a modern sports center of the family format representing both health and entertainment services will appear in Naberezhnye Chelny. The company's participation involves the improvement of the embankment of Melekeska river and the area surrounding the sports complex.

The company will be able to provide socially vulnerable groups of people with free services.

The total amount of investments in the project is 221 million roubles. Own funds of the company amount to 142 million rubles, construction period is planned in 2 years. Payback period is 9 years. 100 jobs will be created.


Investments in Tatarstan from foreign funds

The Director General of "KamaStroyInvest" Delyus Sirazetdinov expressed gratitude to Tatarstan Investment Development Agency for support in attracting investors for implementation of joint project.

This year the agreement on cooperation between "KamaStroyInvest" and German investment fund KGAL was signed. In the frames of the agreement, the apartment building on Khadi Taktash Str. opposite the Kaban lake will be built. The project will become the decoration of the embankment and one of the iconic projects of the city, Delyus Sirazetdinov said.


For investor to choose Tatarstan

The Prime Minister of Tatarstan Alexey Pesoshin during his speech noted that despite the current geopolitical situation, which affects the investment activity, Tatarstan has preserved partner relations with foreign investors.

"We need to effectively manage internal reserves. It is necessary to make every effort so that investors choose our republic. For this purpose, active work is performed in Tatarstan to develop modern industrial sites. These are special economic zones, 9 industrial parks, 9 technoparks, 63 industrial sites of the municipal level,” - the Prime Minister of Tatarstan said.

At the end of the board, the agreements between Tatarstan Investment Development Agency and "Kamastal" company as well as Tatarstan Investment Development Agency and "Govermedia plus" Ltd. were signed in Kazan.

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