35,7 million tonnes of oil were extracted in Tatarstan in 2017

31 January 2018, Wednesday

Over the past year 35,7 million tonnes of oil were extracted in Tatarstan. Enterprises of petrochemical complex of the republic has dispatched goods for more than 1,2 trillion rubles in 2017. The average output at the basic enterprises of the complex amounted to 14,5 million rubles per person.

Over 272 billion rubles was paid to the budgets of all levels, including 58 billion rubles to the consolidated budget of the Republic. Payments to the federal budget and extrabudgetary funds increased by 1,5 times, while payments to the Tatarstan’s budget raised only by 13%.

Tax payments of the enterprises on profit, transport and land have increased. “Tatneft” company provided the major increase. "TAIF-NK", "Tatneft" and "Nizhnekamsktechuglerod" tire producing complexes, "Ammoni" and "Himgrad" also showed figures above the level of 2016. "Kazanorgsintez" reduced payments because of profits reduction. 

In general, production volume in petrochemical complex in 2017 remained at the level of the previous year. Since the implementation of the Development Program for the years 2015-2019, the growth rate was 103%, which is lower than planned. Only oil production sector managed to exceed the rate.

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