Passenger flow of "Begishevo" airport increased by 50% in 2017

1 February 2018, Thursday

In 2017, Passenger flow of "Begishevo" airport increased by 50%. In total, 587 775 passengers benefited from "Begishevo" services. The main carriers, that served 88% of the total amount, were "Aeroflot", "S7 Airlines", "Pobeda" and "Nordwind" airlines.

The main increase for the period is marked in Moscow direction: 472 445 passengers were served which is 80% of the total passenger flow in 2017.

Antalya, Simferopol, Istanbul, Sochi and Anapa also became the popular destinations. In total for 2017, 69 328 people were served at international airline service. This allowed the "Begishevo" to enter the top 40 airports of Russia in terms of transport volume and become the best airport in the country with passenger flow up to 1 million people by "Air Gates of Russia" award.

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