Investment Council of the Republic of Tatarstan supported 4 projects, 3 of which will bring the health care system to a new level

2 November 2018, Friday

Today, on November 2, 2018, the session of the Investment Council of the Republic of Tatarstan chaired by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Alexey Pesoshin has been held in the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan. The Secretary of the Investment Council is the Head of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Taliya Minullina.

"Today, basing on the Strategy of Social and Economic Development of the Republic of Tatarstan till 2030, we have given life to socially important projects that will allow to develop medical cluster and provide residents of our republic and our country with accessible high-tech medical care. Support that the government of Tatarstan provides, contributes to the qualitative change of life and development of business on the territory of the republic", – Taliya Minullina shared.

At the meeting, the Director of "Iksmed" company Sergey Kharlamov presented the project of metrological laboratory complex, workshop for the recovery and production of medical equipment, primarily ultrasound, from leading manufacturers in the Laishevskiy district.

Today, over two thousand diagnostic centers are operating in Russia, about half of them are state ones, another half is private. Both sectors continue to fill up actively. However, the localization on the territory of Russia does not happen, project imports is more developed. Thus, the prices for equipment, its maintenance and, as a result, services remain high. A new and rapidly direction developing in parallel is import and service, requiring highly qualified specialists.

The presented high-tech production site "Technoclinic" is aimed at solving a number of important issues, namely the creation of a full cycle diagnosis and repair of medical equipment from the leading manufacturers, assessment of the conformity of the diagnosed equipment with the standards of the legislation of the Russian Federation (GOST, IEC), as well as training of subject-matter experts.

The second project of the meeting was the provision of the territories in Kazan for the construction of the second stage of the round-the-clock inpatient facilities of the "Nuievs' clinic" for holding the unique operations in hospital settings. Creation of 100 jobs is planned in this project.

The third decision of the expert council marked the development of the nuclear medicine cluster of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Volga region. The Director of LLC" Medtekhinvest " Ravil Shayukov presented a project for creation of multi-disciplinary nuclear medical centre with the diagnostic (PET, SPECT, MRI, CT scan) and treatment clusters (radiotherapy) with the possibility of scaling to other regions (Kazan). The company's research allows to detect hidden pathologies at the early stages. In the frames of public-private partnership, the center will be provided with cyber-knife equipment, which has no analogues. 

Preservation of health and longevity are the priorities of the health care system according to the Strategy of social and economic development of the Republic of Tatarstan till 2030. The strategy is aimed at the increase of life expectancy, creation of the system of medical support based of nanotechnologies, biotechnology, information and communication technologies; strategic investment attraction to the health care system and development of medical tourism; elimination of lack of qualified personnel in the health care system. Today, by the decision of the Investment Council, Tatarstan continues to strengthen these positions and create conditions in which the industry will be attractive both for domestic and foreign investors. The ultimate beneficiary of such work is not only the investor, but, first of all, the residents of the Republic of Tatarstan.


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