ICL group of companies became a "National Champion"

26 December 2018, Wednesday

High-tech, dynamically developing group of companies ICL, headquartered in the capital of Tatarstan, was selected as a priority project of the Ministry of economic development of Russia "National Champions".

The project has been implemented since 2016 in order to ensure the rapid growth of export-oriented companies and to assist in the formation of transnational companies on their basis.

The participants of the project are provided with the existing tools of state support, as well as information and consulting support of projects for the development of their activities within the country and on the world market.

The selection for the project was based on the Russian rating of high-tech companies "TechUspekh". This year, the applications from 243 companies were submitted, 129 were selected for the rating, 55 companies were nominated for participation in the project "National Champions", 22 of them were found worthy of the title. Companies with annual revenue of 500 million to 30 billion rubles were considered.

The project was implemented in several stages. So, first of all, candidates for champions were selected on the basis of the submitted profiles and accounting documents. Expert interviews were conducted with each of the companies. After that the candidate companies took part in face-to-face sessions, where the experts personally assessed their potential.

"Tatarstan and Russia as a whole has a set of measures for creation of best conditions for business development, with the help of which the companies become national and then - world champions. ICL is one of the largest IT companies in Russia with a rich history and impressive results. The entry to this project demonstrates its level and growth. We wish all the entrepreneurs of Tatarstan to acquire new titles in the new year, which will determine our further common success", - Taliya Minullina noted.

ICL is 27 years of history, 2600 employees, 1200 software developers, 800 system engineers. The structure of the company includes 7 business centers, 3 brand directions, 1 plant.

ICL provides a full range of IT-services, projects, solutions and products. The company was founded in 1991 on the basis of the computer plant by Kazan production association of computer systems and the British company "International Computers Limited" as a joint venture. In the middle of the XXth century Kazan computer plant was at the origins of a new branch of domestic electronic engineering - computer technology, and with development became a recognized industry leader in the USSR.

Since 2002 to 2013, the ICL group was a part of the Fujitsu group of companies, and currently the companies are partners.

Expanding the horizons in the IT industry, own laboratories and innovative developments, focus on advanced technologies make ICL one of the leading enterprises in Russia today. Strategic cooperation with the largest global IT-companies and possession of advanced technologies allow ICL customers to gain access to the latest developments and implement competitive advantages in the market. Continuous training, cooperation with leading scientific and educational institutions, improvement of the tool base and continuous development of own competencies are the priority and the basis for sustainable and systematic development of the group's potential.

A number of representations and offices are located in Innopolis, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Voronezh, Astrakhan, and Belgrade (Serbia).


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