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10 January 2019, Thursday

Agency for Strategic Initiatives published a list of projects - finalists of the All-Russian contest of the best social and economic practices. Semifinal selection have been passed by 774 applications from 77 entities of the Russian Federation. Tatarstan became one of the leaders of the competition: 5 of the 27 practices-finalists were represented by Tatarstan.

The aim of the competition is to identify, select, describe and replicate the best regional and municipal methods that will help the subjects of Russia to solve social and economic problems more effectively.

Social protection in action

The expert jury highly appreciated the tools for improving the internal work of state structures aimed at making the interaction of authorities with citizens more effective and convenient. Thus, the state information system "Social register of the population of the Republic of Tatarstan", a joint project of the Ministry of labour, employment and social services of Tatarstan and the Ministry of Informatization and Communications of Tatarstan reached the final. The system automates business processes of Tatarstan Ministry of labour, provides its territorial authorities with the ability to store and process data about citizens within a single information field, to build a unified registry of beneficiaries and register of providers of social services.

Dialogue between government and business

How to prepare for inspection by supervisory authorities? How to find and eliminate errors in financials and documentation in time? Where to apply if the fine for the violation seems illegal? The answers to these and many other questions aspiring entrepreneurs will find on the Tatarstan portal "Proven business". The project became a finalist in the category "creation of conditions aimed at the growth of the economic potential of the region". Its purpose is to help entrepreneurs to eliminate or prevent law violations, thereby avoiding fines. And also to establish effective cooperation with public authorities. In fact, the site is a guide. There is a check-list on readiness for inspection by supervisory authorities, a handbook on the most common violations, useful videos, contact information for ministries and departments in charge of the business sector, and other materials. The initiators of the project are the Ministry of economy and Tatarstan Prosecutor's Office.

Constructive and productive dialogue between the entrepreneurs and authorities is an objective reality in Tatarstan. This is evidenced by the second practice, recognized as one of the best in the same category, was the project "My inspector". It involves the introduction of a unified model of municipal control in the Republic. One of the main criteria of the model is the change of the inspector's image, who should interact with the business not as a supervisor, but as a curator and mentor.

Plumbers online

According to the jury, the portal "Open Kazan" contributes to the growth of information technological potential of Tatarstan. It became one of the first Republican online projects that help residents of the capital to solve problems in the housing sector. Each resident of the house of the managing organization registered in "Open Kazan" can declare any malfunctions in the apartment, entrance, house or the adjacent territory. The status of the application can be monitored in real time. The system serves more than 4,5 thousand apartment buildings of 41 management organizations in the city. For six years of work of the portal, about 2 million applications were solved.

World-class visits

During the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Kazan, the portal "VisitTatarstan" became popular among thousands of guests from Russia and other countries. The site, where one can find detailed information on how to make a trip to Tatarstan unforgettable, is only a part of the concept of the official tourist brand "VisitTatarstan", representing the Republic in the international space. The dynamic development of the regional tourism industry through the integration of its participants, creation of a clear and adequate image of the touristic Tatarstan, development of the image of the region as an attractive tourist destination – all this is only a part of the functions of the project, which reached the final of the ASI competition in the category of "Development of tourism potential of the region".

Best solution

- Tatarstan is one of the regions that sets trends in the development of information products to improve the "vertical" and "horizontal" interaction between the authorities, business and citizens. Federal ratings among others reflect the effect of these activities, in particular - the rating of investment climate, in which our region consistently occupies a leading position, - the Head of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Taliya Minullina comments the interim results of the contest. - High evaluation of Tatarstan practices was given on the ASI competition - this is, on the one hand, the confirmation that the work is carried out in the right direction, and, on the other hand, is the "green light" for the replication of republican initiatives in other regions.  

The winners will be named by the Board of Trustees of the competition in February 2019 at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi in the framework of the session "Best practices of socio-economic development". In addition, part of the projects-finalists will be included in the "Store of the Right Solutions" - a single information space for effective interregional exchange of best practices.

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