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27 February 2019, Wednesday

Today Tatarstan Investment Development Agency was visited by the representatives of JSC "Türk Hava Yolları" ("Turkish airlines"). The meeting was held by the Head of the Agency Taliya Minullina. 

The representative of "Turkish airlines" in Kazan Mr. Fırat Ki̇ri̇ş noted that the number of passengers on the airline's flights from Tatarstan is growing steadily. This indicates that "Turkish airlines" today is one of the most interesting and popular among Tatarstan's passengers of foreign air carriers. Therefore, the company is constantly improving its ground and air services.  

- We have been flying to Kazan for 13 years. We started with two flights Kazan-Istanbul a week, now we do five flights. Since April, its number will be increased up to six, and since June the flights will become daily, - Mr. Ki̇ri̇ş said.  

He stressed, he was impressed with the development infrastructure and the growth of passenger traffic of Kazan International Airport.  

- Kazan is a platform where world-class events take place every year. In 2017, we held the FIFA Confederation Cup, in 2018 - FIFA World Cup. This year we host the World championships of skills "WorldSkills". Hence, Tatarstan is constantly and actively developing, - Taliya Minullina continued the dialogue. - At the same time we have a lot in common with Turkey - religion, similarity of cultures, historical events. In addition, our two republics have traditionally good, stable partner relations.  

The Head of the Agency also noted, that Istanbul airport is one of the convenient hubs popular among tourists and among the ones who make frequent business trips.   

Then Taliya Minullina told the guests about large events to be held in Tatarstan this year, in particular the International Economic Summit "Russia - Islamic World: KazanSummit", on April 24-26 in Kazan on the territory of Exhibition Center "Kazan Expo".  

At the end of the meeting, the participants discussed the opportunities of further mutually benefitial cooperation.


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