Burak Başeğmezler: "Tatarstan is an interesting and promising market for us"

2 April 2019, Tuesday

Electrical Electronics Services Exporters' Association (TET - Turkish Electro
Technology) visited Tatarstan Investment Development Agency.

"Relations with Turkey are of priority for Tatarstan. Our ties are very strong, in
political, economical and humanitarian spheres. The interest of the
Association, whose members represent innovative sectors of economy is
important for us, while Tatarstan is a region with a developed IT-industry. I am
sure that we will find common ground, which will contribute to strengthening of
cooperation between countries and regions", - the Head of the Agency Taliya
Minullina said.

The economic activity of Tatarstan was presented to the guests in the unified
presentation center of the republic. A clear indicator of the advantages of the
region is successful experience of projects of foreign companies on the
territory of the Republic. Coşkunöz (production of body parts), KASTAMONU
(woodworking industry), Sisecam (flat glass manufacturing) and others are
among them.

"You can be sure, the Agency will make every effort to assist in establishing
contacts and implementing your projects on the territory of Tatarstan", - Taliya
Minullina pointed out.

"Thank you so much for the presentation, for the warm welcome. We are
happy to be in your city. Tatarstan is an interesting and promising market for
us. We are familiar with many Turkish companies operating in your republic
and speaking about cooperation in the best way, satisfied with the results of
doing business. I hope, their number will grow, because our goal is not only to
increase the volume of export, but also to strengthen ties between countries
and regions. Representatives of 9 companies are present here today, but
there are 4 thousand of actively operating ones", - a member of the Board of
the Electrical Electronics Services Exporters' Association (TET) Burak
Başeğmezler said.

Member of the Supervisory Board of the Association Selim Unlu, experts of
the General Secretariat of the Istanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters'
Association (İMMİB) Buket Aktaş and Can Çetin, as well as leading producers
and suppliers of Turkey and Europe participated in the event as a part of
delegation. Top managers revealed the profiles of their companies to the
representatives of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency and the parties
outlined the ways of effective interaction.

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