Tatarstan makes the top three of the National Investment Climate Index in the Russian regions for the fifth year running

7 June 2019, Friday

The Republic of Tatarstan has risen to the higher line and taken second place in the National Investment Climate Index in the Regions of Russia. The posting of results has been done today within the frames of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The evaluation has been carried out by 44 indicators and 4 directions: regulatory environment, institutions for business, infrastructure and resources, small business support.

 As it was mentioned by experts,  Tatarstan is considered to be the most stable region in the rating list for the whole its history: it makes the top three for the fifth year running, and it held the top spot three-time as well. The breakaway gap from the leader was only 0, 3 points this year. The top index of the region is connected with the operational efficiency of institutional arrangements for supporting and protecting businesses.

Svetlana Chupsheva, a Director General of the Strategic Initiative Agency, has reported that the competition between the regions during the evaluation of the investment environment was high. "It was really hard this year to make it to Top-20," she told and added, that there is a strict correlation between rating results and an investment volume in this or another region. So, the regions, which made it to the Top-10 rating, have an investment volume of 10% more than the Russian average indicator.


"Tatarstan is the top region in Russia with the best conditions to do business, and today we have assured ourselves of that once again. Tatarstan has been acknowledged multiple times as the best one: last year the Tatarstan Investment Development Agency became the only one winner in Russia of the United Nations Organization award for Excellence in terms of investments promotion in the sectors, which will bring in social-economic profits and help other countries to reach their goals in the area of sustainable development. "

The year 2019 following on from the previous year brought a prize for Tatarstan in relation to investment activity. In the United Arab Emirates within the frames of the Annual Investment Meeting, we became an AIM Investment Award winner in recognition of outstanding work on the capture of the big and advantageous projects of the foreign direct investments. My personal contribution and the Agency contribution to the development of Tatarstan and economy strengthening of our region were valued within the frames of the award "Stevie Awards 2018"

According to the results of the year all the indicators of the Agency have been fulfilled and over-fulfilled. In contradiction to the international trends of the investment bust, there is a growth of foreign investments up 37,5 percent in Tatarstan. The business-friendly climate was created for international entrepreneurs:  last year every third day one new company with involvement of foreign funds was registered in Tatarstan.

All-around investors support, PPP development, new facilities commissioning-are top-priority goals of our activity.

I express gratitude to our President of Tatarstan, who personally took part in negotiations for investments, also all colleagues and my team, and most importantly - the investors. And more especially the ones, who reinvest: they are the very people who by the aid of the Russian ruble designate Tatarstan as the best place for business operations in Russia," observed Taliya Minullina, the Head of the Tatarstan Investment Development Agency.

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