Bodo Ramelow: “Thuringia can learn a lot from Tatarstan!”

26 June 2019, Wednesday

The delegation of Tatarstan headed by the President Rustam Minnikhanov paid working visits to Weimar and Erfurt (Thuringia, Germany). The host delegation was headed by Bodo Ramelow, Minister President of Thuringia. The purpose of the one-day program of joint events is to discuss the Tatarstan-German development trends, increase in goods turnover and expansion of contacts in the field of information technologies, machine manufacturing and education.

One of the key events of the program was the Tatarstan-Thuringia Business Forum. The significant part of the forum was devoted to the presentation of opportunities Tatarstan provides to its foreign partners.

“Tatarstan is one of the leading and prosperous regions of Russia. I see how you use your capabilities, develop innovative technologies and electronic services. We pay great attention to these issues. Thuringia can learn a lot from you, and we are also ready to share our experience in a variety of areas,” said Mr. Ramelow.

Today, in Tatarstan, there are about 90 companies with the participation of German capital, including such Thuringian companies as Schülken Form (plastic casting manufacturer which production facilities are in the territory of Khimgrad Technopolis), ZM Engineering (vacuum equipment manufacturer cooperating with OJSC Kazanorgsintez, LLC Ferrivat, and LLC Medtekhnika), Maicom Quarz which implements a joint project with OJSC Kazan Electropribor Plant for the production of sensors for civilian industry products, and other companies.

At the end of the forum, Kazan Electrotechnical Plant, LLC Karnet and Micro-Hybrid signed a trilateral agreement on cooperation and joint activities in the development and production of civilian industry products for the purpose of import substitution. The Agreement on Cooperation was also signed between Himgrad Technopolis and Ibykus, the leading German manufacturer in the field of information technology, including modernization of industrial equipment, and integration of hardware and software.


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