The first bioplastics production plant to be built in Tatarstan

25 October 2018, Thursday

The first plant for the production of PHA bioplastics (polyhydroxyalkanoate) resulting of the basis of a by-product of sugar and sugar beet production will be built in Tatarstan. The respective Agreement was signed in Moscow by the company Bio-on S.p.A. and JSC "TAIF" in the frames of bilateral Russian-Italian meetings. The ceremony was attended by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the Prime Minister of Italy Giuseppe Conte.

Bio-On S.p.A. company developed an exclusive process for the production of a family of polymers (PHA) made of agricultural waste, including molasses and sugar cane and sugar beet syrup. The resulting bioplastics can replace the main families of traditional plastics in terms of productivity, thermo-mechanical characteristics and versatility. PHA plastic of Bio-On company is a bioplastic that can be classified as 100% natural and completely biodegradable.

"The agreement is an important milestone for us. This is the result of the long work and difficult negotiations started in 2017. The signing of the first contract with a prestigious industrial group - the leader in the plastics production industry confirms the great value of our technology and ensures further strengthening the position of bioplastic PHA in the market, which for today is the only real alternative to solve the environmental problem caused by traditional plastics", - the President and the CEO of Bio-on company Marco Astorri believes.

It is planned that the initial production capacity will be 10 000 tons of bioplastics per year and in the future increased to 20 000 tons.

The estimated investment cost of the project is 90 million euro.

"The plant for the production of bioplastics will contribute to the development of the economies of two countries, as well as to the preservation of our environment. We are on the threshold of solving the global problem facing the whole world. We are ready to take this important step together with the high-tech Italian company Bio-on. We carefully choose partners to implement joint production on the territory of Tatarstan", - the Head of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Taliya Minullina shared.

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