What has "KAMAZ" gone through, and what may lie ahead in the anniversary year

9 January 2019, Wednesday

For JSC "KAMAZ", 2018 became decisive in many ways: expansion of the model line, entry into the electric bus market, construction of the cab shell plant - all these laid the foundation for the further development of "KAMAZ" in the coming years.

"KAMAZ" is the largest producer of heavy trucks in Russia, one of the 20 world leading manufacturers and is of the 16th place in terms of production of heavy trucks with total weight of more than 16 tons. Production capacity is 71 thousand cars per year. 14 times "KAMAZ" has been recognized as the "Best Russian exporter". The market share of trucks in Russia reaches 45 percent.

"KAMAZ is the heritage of Tatarstan. The products of the auto giant are well known all over the world. The foundation laid in 2018 allows us to enter 2019 confidently, and contributes to economic prosperity in the coming years", - the Head of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Taliya Minullina believes.

Thus, at "KAMAZ" the year was held under the auspices of preparation for the production of K5 generation cars. Now the cars are being tested.

In addition, 2018 will be remembered by KAMAZ as the debut of a large shipment of electric buses to Moscow. It was the first experience of work under the contract of life cycle.

The company's plans for the next anniversary year were fixed at the Board of Directors in Moscow. Thus, KAMAZ is to sell 39 thousand cars, 33 thousand of which will be delivered to the Russian market, 6 thousand – to the markets of foreign countries. Investments in the production development of the amount of up to 15 billion rubles are fixed in the document. Net profit should reach 500 million rubles with the revenue of 197 billion rubles.

In the coming year, it is planned to start mass production of K5 generation cars, offering consumers the latest equipment and to organize the serial production of KAMAZ trucks of K4 generation running on liquefied natural gas. Efforts will also be focused on test operation of robotic vehicles with autonomous, remote control and development of the electric bus generation "2+".

"KAMAZ enters its anniversary 50th year with many things we could not dream of even five years ago. I think, by 50th anniversary we will definitely launch a new plant, and our new engines, and will produce K5 cars that will ensure our future for the next 15 years. The company has future and people capable of producing such equipment. But this date is associated with our plans and hopes to get a boost in development of the social sphere: to turn Chelny from the city to work into the city for life", - the Director General of JSC "KAMAZ" Sergey Kogogin shared.


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