Tatarstan Investment Promotion Agency to give parks to pupils of Kazan boarding schools

13 May 2019, Monday

On May 20, as part of the Tree Planting Day republican campaign, the Tatarstan Investment Development Agency will present the pupils of Kazan Boarding School No.1 and Kazan Boarding School No.7 with parks consisting of several dozens of spruces, lime trees, and mountain ashes.

The Agency, as a socially responsible team, understands that the children from the correctional boarding schools and orphanages require adaptation, vocational guidance and socialization.

With the support of the Tramplin Charitable Foundation, an exhibition fair of creative works of the intellectually handicapped children was organized as part of the Russia Halal Expo 2019 held in the framework of the XI International Economic Summit "Russia – Islamic World: KazanSummit". The separate exhibition stand was dedicated to the canvas paintings and crafts. As a result, in two days, 90 thousand rubles were raised to help the children.

“We aim to help children who are really in need of our support. Today, we create a favorable living environment, cultivate an environmentally friendly attitude among young people and implement projects that contribute to the socialization of people with disabilities. In Tatarstan, a socially responsible business is well-developed. Together, we may implement projects that are significant for our republic. Investing in children means investing in the future!” encourages Taliya Minullina, the head of the Agency.

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