Objects and functions of the Agency

Objects and functions of the Agency

The main objects of the Agency are as follows:

  • developing and promoting Public-Private Partnership;
  • providing efficient support to local and international investors on a “one-stop centre” system;
  • creation of organizational, economic and other conditions necessary for implementation of state policy in the field of support of small and medium-size entrepreneurship and for ensuring the implementation of normative acts of the Republic of Tatarstan in this sphere;
  • rendering of information and methodological support for subjects of small entrepreneurship;
  • presentation of interests of small entrepreneurship in state bodies;
  • assistance in financing and participation of small entrepreneurship subjects in realization of state order and orders from large enterprises;
  • participation in formation of market infrastructure which provides equal conditions and possibilities for implementation of small and medium-size entrepreneurship activity;

Currently qualified specialists in the sphere of economy, jurisprudence, sociology, programming, information and analysis work in the Agency. The Agency implements the following functions within the framework of its activity:

  • implements collection, analysis and examination of proposals and complaints of subjects of small entrepreneurship within its authorities;
  • presents in established order materials about revealed abuses to law-enforcement bodies for taking appropriate measures;
  • interacts with Tatarstan territorial branch of management of the Ministry of Anti-monopoly Policy and Support of Entrepreneurship of the Russian Federation;
  • participates in work on decreasing administrative barriers which regulate licensing relations, certification of goods and services, e.t.c.
  • participates in preparation and realization of programs in the sphere of entrepreneurs’ support and other main areas of the Agency’s activity;
  • develops and puts forward in established order the projects of decisions on issues of small entrepreneurship in the RT Cabinet;
  • interacts with credit organizations and RT Ministry of finance on issues of crediting the subjects of small entrepreneurship;
  • establishes representative offices-centres in regions, controls their activity;
  • develops methodological materials and recommendations on issues of small entrepreneurship;
  • holds consultations, training, seminars on issues of business conducting;
  • interacts with mass media in order to promote entrepreneurship activity;
  • implements international and inter-regional cooperation in the sphere of small entrepreneurship;

Aiming at development of innovative entrepreneurship the Agency is responsible for foundation and development of innovative technopark “Idea”.

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