Investors Club of the Republic of Tatarstan

Investors Club is an advisory body under Tatarstan Investment Development Agency (TIDA).

During the meeting representatives - top managers of companies that have invested in Tatarstan in a "business breakfast" format to discuss with the elected President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov topical issues related to the implementation of the projects,.

This format allows the government of the republic to communicate directly with investors and receive relevant information from the "first hand".

TIDA Chief Executive Taliya Minullina: "The work of the Investors' Club, created by the Agency, is a tool for efficient direct communicationand feedback of the government with an investor, for identifying administrative barriers and facilitating tof urgent business problems. TIDA - "single window" to work with investors in Tatarstan – it has a whole range of actions for the implementation of the investment project - from the start of consultations on practicability of the project to the support of already operating plants, and we must speak openly and confidentwith investor. We involve not only foreign investors but also local companies".

 Tatarstan Investors’ Club: informal, but effective dialogue (+ video)


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