We announce a contest for the best investment video of your area!

15 December 2021, Wednesday

The Investment Development Agency of the Republic of Tatarstan announces a republican creative competition for the best presentation of the investment attractiveness of the municipality. The sponsor of the competition is Haier.

Prove that it is your district that is the most desirable in the territory of Tatarstan for investors from all over the world!

To participate in the competition, you must send to the Agency (by e-mail: airrt.press@tatar.ru) a presentation material about your native municipality (region, city) of the Republic of Tatarstan, telling about the unique competitive advantages of your region for the investor.

(Requirements for participation in the competition are below in the letter)

The competition starts on December 15 and the collection of videos will last until January 16 at 23:59:59. The results will be announced at the Final Board of the Agency on January 20, 2022. The selection will be made by a panel of experts comprising the Agency's management team and invited experts from the field of video production and marketing.
And the main prize will be Haier's home appliances!

We are waiting for your applications!

The agency wishes all participants good luck and more creative ideas!

Contact person from the Agency: Ramis Gabasov, spokesman for AIR RT

tel .: 8 960 039 17 37

e-mail .: Ramis.Gabasov@tatar.ru


The video should answer the questions:

- Why should an investor choose this particular municipality?


- Unconventional approach and creativity when creating videos

- Significant objects or events

- 2-3 unique advantages from the point of view of the investor (for example, the logistics and tax advantages of the area are not called "unique" to describe).


- The video should be no more than 2:00 minutes

- There are no restrictions on genres and formats.

- The video may contain graphics and retouching.

- The video can use materials that were filmed earlier, but were used to increase investment attractiveness and were not posted on the Agency's resources.

- Adult citizens of the Russian Federation or their adult representatives can participate.


The video should NOT contain:

- Profanity

- Violence

- Adult content

- Shocking content (disgusting, shocking)

- Causing harm or dangerous behavior

- Discriminatory statements

- Weapon content

- Controversial issues

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