Investment digest of the Republic of Tatarstan: "investment hour" with Zainsky district

3 September 2022, Saturday

The Zainsky Municipal District of the Republic of Tatarstan reported on the implementation of measures to ensure sustainable socio-economic development within the framework of the republican meeting chaired by the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov.
Such meetings are held on a regular basis on Saturdays at the Government House of the Republic. The report of the head of the district examines the main indicators of the district's activity, the development of industries, the state of entrepreneurship, the level of wages and unemployment, the pace of construction of social infrastructure and housing, education, achievements in various fields.
The head of the Zainsky district, Razif Karimov, said that in 2021 the volume of the gross territorial product exceeded the figure of 58 billion rubles. Over the year, the growth rate reached 148%. In the structure of the territorial product, 55% is occupied by industry, including oil, 17% by agriculture and processing industries.
The factory for the production of wheeled products is one of the backbone enterprises. The company successfully supplies wheels for the main KAMAZ conveyor. For the first half of 2022, the dynamics of the volume of manufactured products is 108%.
Painstaking work on improving business processes and qualitative characteristics of products allowed the "Plant Techno" branch to achieve serious indicators of labor productivity - the output per 1 employee of the company reached 8.5 million rubles only in the first half of the year (an increase of -135%), and at least 18 million rubles are expected on an annual basis.
New products are in high demand – mineral wool "Agro", oriented for use in greenhouse plants. The delivery schedule has already been formed up to and including December. Taking into account the increased needs, it is planned to modernize the existing one and install another line in the future.
Large investments are also being implemented in the company of JSC "Zainsky Sugar". In recent years, a deep modernization of all technological equipment, the entire technological chain has been carried out, which has allowed to increase the daily productivity to 8.5 thousand tons of sugar beet processing, to become one of the best plants in Russia in this indicator.
LLC "Zainsky expanded clay" is restoring its position in the market of building materials.
After the change of ownership, a serious modernization is expected in the Zainsky brick factory. In the near future, the construction of a new workshop for the production of clinker bricks with a capacity of 30 million pieces per year is planned. Currently, design work and land registration are underway. Investments will amount to over 300 million rubles.
Over the past year, investments were made in the economy of the district in the amount of 4.7 billion rubles with an increase of 26% compared to the previous year.
The Goodwill company is expanding its customer base by opening workshops for the production of high-quality paving stones and concrete products from local raw materials.
At the stage of approval in the Investment Development Agency of the Republic of Tatarstan there is a project of municipal-private partnership with IP Shalafaev A.A. for the reconstruction of the building of the city bus station. The cost of the first stage of the project is 20 million rubles.
The Progress Industrial Park is in the zone of special attention. Today, 3 residents are housed here. After the transfer of land, changes in the permitted type of activity, it will be possible to fully use the benefits provided for industrial parks and implement an investment project worth 65 million rubles. The area has a significant tourist and recreational potential.
In order to activate this direction, a phased reconstruction of the ski slope in the KFK "Fedotovo" is underway. The investor has already invested over 250 million rubles in infrastructure. The issue of purchasing and installing a new modern chairlift with a capacity of up to 1800 people is acute, the required amount is 250 million rubles.
LLC "Zainsky Fish Farm" also plans to restore its former power. It is planned to recreate a fry farm on an area of 37 hectares, gradually increase the volume of fish production to 350 tons. The cost of the investment project is 44 million rubles.
The most important, long-awaited event for us is the start of construction of a new swimming pool in the most densely populated microdistrict of the city. The project cost is 440 million rubles.

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