Etch your name into the history of Tatarstan and the world cinema

7 May 2019, Tuesday

On the sidelines of the XI International Economic Summit "Russia – Islamic World: KazanSummit 2019" Tatarstan was presented in the context of cinema and simultaneous development of the movie-making. Thus, its participants, including the participants of the International Festival of Muslim Cinema, which was held as part of the summit for the first time this year, have seen the project “Cinema in 7 days”.

The project is a unique opportunity to embody your vision of the rich history and culture of Tatarstan and of all opportunities emerging in the republic in a short film and show it to the global community.

“This is a real battle. The first 3 teams will receive a money reward: 200 000, 300 000 and 500 000 rubles!” said Stanislav Yershov, a representative of the Directorate for the Support of Film Projects and Festivals Organization “Time for Cinema”.

“Tatarstan: a focus of attention at the crossroad of cultures”, so goes the topic to be covered by the project participants from September 1 to 7 this year. As a result, all short films will be combined into the anthology film about the Republic of Tatarstan which may achieve national and international distribution.

All inquiries concerning the project are to be addressed to:

Revealing Tatarstan, reveal yourself!


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