Halal Lifestyle: Experience of Tatarstan

5 July 2019, Friday

Kazakhstan and Tatarstan are building partner relationships for the development of the Islamic world. In 2018, the Tatarstan Investment Development Agency signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Astana International Financial Center, under which the parties agreed to cooperate on the development of Islamic finances, green finances. For that end, the representatives of organizations take part in the events held in Tatarstan and Kazakhstan and share experiences. Thus, at the Islamic Finance Conference in Nur-Sultan, a separate session “Halal Lifestyle” was devoted to the experience of Tatarstan. The Tatarstan Investment Development Agency provided insights into the instruments of Islamic financing in the real sector of economy and for attracting investments.

More than 10 years, Tatarstan has been working to bring Russia closer to Islamic countries. The international economic summit, the KazanSummit, is a platform for strengthening trade, economic, scientific, technical, social and cultural ties between the regions of Russia and the countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and for promoting the development of Islamic financial institutions in the country. Traditionally, the summit hosts Russia Halal Expo, the international exhibition of the Halal industry. This year, on the sidelines of the forum, 42 agreements on cooperation have been signed. The next economic summit is scheduled for the summer 2020.

Another important event of this year was the approval by the Government of Tatarstan of the roadmap for the development of the halal lifestyle (Halal Life Style). The set of measures is being implemented within the framework of the Russia – Islamic World Strategic Vision Group, which since 2014 has been headed by the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov on behalf of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Roadmap covers such areas as halal tourism, halal production, fashion, finance, IT and media. The action plan is aimed at increasing the Muslim tourist flow, involvement of the residents of Tatarstan and the whole country into the halal lifestyle, increasing product turnover according to the halal standards, increasing the loyalty of residents to the Muslim fashion and promoting Tatarstan halal brands in Russia and abroad, as well as creation of the basic Sharia-compliant financial IT infrastructure in Tatarstan. Moreover, Kazan is going to lay claim to the status of IT capital of the Islamic world. 


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