Taliya Minullina found out what the residents and investors of Nizhnekamsk lack

21 August 2019, Wednesday

The Head of the Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Taliya Minullina paid a working visit to Nizhnekamsk. In order to support investors, the Head of TIDA, accompanied by local authorities, assessed the progress of the projects, in an open dialogue with partners outlined the problems and tasks to be promptly decided that contribute to the speedy launch of new facilities and taking the existing ones to a new level.

“It is crucial to maintain favorable environment for life and work, to provide comprehensive support to our partners and investors, to establish strong ties at all levels in order to quickly solve problems and remove barriers that arise. In terms of attracting the residents to the Priority Social and Economic Development Areas, Nizhnekamsk is well regarded, the annual plan is expected to be exceeded one and a half times. The municipal team works well. The investor is in good hands,” said Taliya Minullina.

In order the projects to be implemented, the Agency makes major efforts: market research, study of potential partners to implement joint projects in a certain area, negotiations of parties, financial examination of the project, choosing the optimal strategy to enter the market of the Republic of Tatarstan, negotiations with departments and government agencies to prepare necessary documents and legal base of the project, site selection, assistance in the search and selection of suppliers, raw materials necessary for the production of the end product, manufacturers and service providers required to implement a business project.

First of all, the Head of the Agency visited the Kamastal Plant which is a resident of the Nizhnekamsk Priority Social and Economic Development Area. Kamastal is a Russia-China enterprise engaged in painting of coiled steel and manufacturing products therefrom branded as Roskamastal. The production was put in place in the Pioneer Industrial Park and launched in April this year. For the implementation of the project 104 jobs have been created. The amount of foreign investments is 600 million rubles. The design output is up to 100 thousand tons per year. The production meets all modern requirements, equipped with the advanced system of the painting continuous monitoring which ensures a high level of product quality.

In a little while, another enterprise will be opened in the industrial park: Bulat Motigullin, the Director of LLC Center for Metal Structures, LLC Eurobeton (production of building metal structures, products and their parts), established a line for the production of facing panels which decorate and insulate the building at the same time.

After studying the “pioneer” production processes, Taliya Minullina got acquainted with the construction of the LLC KamEnergoMash’s plant for the production and repair of engines, turbines and spare parts. It is one of the largest projects of the Nizhnekamsk Priority Social and Economic Development Area. The investments in the amount of 1.3 billion rubles have been attracted for its implementation. The design output of the plant is scaled to produce 15 gas turbine units per year. 83 jobs have been created in the company, the plans call for the creation of another 169 jobs. At the moment, turbines and engines are being repaired here, and the main production part of the company is being completed.

In addition to the large-scale industrial activities, in Tatarstan, much attention is paid to urban development and development of comfortable urban environment. So, in the Nizhnekamsk Semiya Park a new social and cultural facility, 42 meters high Ferris Wheel, is going to be opened. For its construction, the Agency attracted 63 million rubles of investments, the part of which is to be used to landscape the adjacent territory. A short distance away, a hotel will be built at the expense of the republican private investor. Taliya Minullina assessed the project start-up availability. In a long run, it is, in general, the place where wedding celebrations are to be held. Taliya Minullina discussed the roadmap of the project directly with the investor, who moved from Chelyabinsk to Tatarstan for its implementation.

Answering the local mass media’s questions, the main investment expert of Tatarstan noted that public spaces may develop at their own expense by attracting small and medium-sized businesses.

For the implementation of investment projects, the Republic of Tatarstan makes active use of the public-private partnership mechanism by the aid of which the dental clinic operates and the Nizhnekamsk Hot Baths Health and Recreation Center is under construction. The Health and Recreation Center is aimed at providing affordable health-improving rest for people of various social categories in different municipalities of Tatarstan. So, in Yelabuga the construction is already in progress, and in Nizhnekamsk, the facility is at the design stage. One of the features of the project is that approximately a quarter of the area in Nizhnekamsk Hot Baths – about 2 thousand square meters – will be allocated for a mini-complex for Muslim women. Here, they will be able to relax with children observing all the canons of faith. Thus, Nizhnekamsk citizens will have a European-level resort in the center of their city, where they may not only relax but also improve their health: mud baths, the “Dead Sea” (a pool the salt content of which is equivalent to that of the Dead Sea), springs with the “water of life” and other useful procedures arranging by the investor for residents and visitors. The benefit for the residents is affordability of the services provided, that is, a modest pricing policy.

In the nearest time, the residents of Nizhnekamsk region will be able to appreciate significant changes in the level and quality of life: new jobs, social infrastructure, and new opportunities for small and medium-sized business.

“Many of the sites that have been transformed here – the old production facilities, abandoned plants – now, are new businesses into which the investors enter, and that’s good,” summed up Taliya Minullina.

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