Meeting of the Public Council at the TIDA

25 October 2021, Monday

Employees of the Investment Development Agency of the Republic of Tatarstan reported to the Public Council with the participation of the head of the Agency Taliya Minullina on industrial parks and ongoing projects, on the events involved and on the digitalization of investment activities.

The head of the department opened the meeting with the Address of the President of Tatarstan to the State Council of the republic, recalling the words of Rustam Minnikhanov about the importance of the work of the Public Councils under the republican departments and the Public Chamber in general, as well as the implementation of social agenda issues: vaccination against COVID-19 and the All-Russian Population Census. The main issue on the agenda, of course, was the issue of investments.

“We are also growing in terms of investments. The rate of private investment is currently 113%, i.e. an increase of 13% compared to last year. We are now observing a slow economic recovery. Investments from the constituent entities of the federation have increased again by 14% - this is a good indicator, ”said Taliya Minullina.

On the instructions of the President, Airat Gaifutdinov, Director General of Projects of Tatarstan JSC, told the Public Council about the management of the Agency of a number of industrial parks of the Republic of Tatarstan (note: subordinate organization of AIR RT).

“As part of the supervision, 15 industrial parks were transferred to us, and 3 more industrial parks joined in the course of the work. Active work is underway with potential investors; a number of companies have already launched activities on the territory of industrial parks.

At the moment, work is also underway on two municipal parks - Aktanysh and Buinsk. Here JSC "Projects of Tatarstan" acts not only as a curator, here we are already becoming a kind of management company. This mechanism is being tested in the Zolotaya Dolina industrial park of the Alkeevsky municipal district, the practice of the state company as a management company will allow the efficient use of municipal land plots, ”said Airat Gaifutdinov.

How and for what purpose European and world scientific and business events are regularly attracted to Tatarstan, as well as about the events involved for the period 2021 - 2024. said the head of the Convention Bureau of the Republic of Tatarstan at the Investment Development Agency of the Republic of Tatarstan Guzal Burnaeva.

“Tatarstan is one of the two regions of the Russian Federation, which, along with St. Petersburg, actively attracts the best international congresses in its fields to its territory. To date, the portfolio of applications is presented in more than 20 thematic areas, which indicates the strong scientific school of the republic and the diversity of its industrial profile. As the advantages of Tatarstan, international associations also note its achievements in implementing the UN sustainable development goals, uniqueness in the cultural and historical aspect, rich gastronomic traditions, convenient location, the latest congress and exhibition infrastructure, and the full range of the hospitality industry. For the same reason, Russian associations are eager to bring their national congresses to the republic, ”said Guzal Burnaeva.

The final report was made by Marina Epifantseva, deputy head of the department, who reported to the Public Council on the ongoing digitalization of investment activities not only in the Agency, but throughout the republic.

“Of our projects that contribute to digitalization, it is necessary to note the Investment Projects Monitoring System, a system in which a roadmap for each investment project is created and employees of various departments can track at what stage or through whose fault delays are formed, and the project does not move further. Also linked to this system is the Tatarstan and World External Relations Database, created by the Agency, thanks to which it is possible to track the history of meetings with a particular company or delegation, "Marina Epifantseva noted.

“There is investment activity and it is felt. The mood for investment is very good for the current economic situation, ”summed up the meeting of the Public Council, the head of the Agency, Taliya Minullina. She also answered the questions of the members of the Council on the indicators of the number of attracted private investments in the economy of the republic: “For 2021, we have a planned value of 516.9 billion rubles. We are also facing the federal task of increasing investments by 5% per year. Now we are on schedule and we will meet this target ”.

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