Final meeting of the Investors Club in 2021

22 December 2021, Wednesday

What was the outgoing post-pandemic year for investors, what areas became the most relevant for entrepreneurs, who became the best and where is the development of industry and industry 5.0 - all these topics became key at the last final meeting of the Investors' Club of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The largest Investors Club event in the outgoing year was held at the five-star Kazan Palace by TASIGO, which this year received its second ESG award. The meeting was attended by members of the Investors' Club of Tatarstan, heads of large enterprises of the republic, government bodies and municipalities.

The head of the Investment Development Agency, Taliya Ilgizovna Minullina, opened the meeting with a welcoming speech, in which she reminded the guests of the evening that the Investors' Club of Tatarstan is the most stable platform for dialogue, regardless of any external conditions.

“The largest international platform in the world - the Davos Forum in Switzerland, which takes place every year - has been postponed again. But our Investors' Club is not transferred anywhere, it is invariably held, and this suggests that the Republic of Tatarstan is a stable territory that can work in difficult times.

The secret of Tatarstan's success, which many people ask about, first of all, lies in the people. This is both our President and the leadership system he created. But even more important are those people who find the strength, time and resources to implement their investment projects in the region.

Despite the difficult economic agenda and covid restrictions, investment in Tatarstan is growing. Off-budget investments - this is exactly the Agency's indicator - increased by 13.4% and amounted to 404.9 billion rubles. A significant volume of them is manufacturing, transportation and storage, agriculture. Following the results of 9 months, 46 companies with foreign participation have invested in the region. Initially, we had a forecast - to stay at the level of last year, and now we are not only fulfilling this plan, but also overfulfilling it, according to forecasts by the end of the year, investments in fixed assets will amount to 660 billion rubles, ”said Taliya Minullina.

The main speaker of the evening was an invited guest from Ireland, international business expert Garrett Johnson. In his speech, he touched upon important topics of the business planning horizon in Russia, what a happy consumer should be and what the prospect of moving to Industry 5.0 might look like for various business areas.

“A happy consumer is not the one who saw the advertisement, followed the link, knows about promotions and discounts. A happy consumer always uses your products, he regularly learns about all new products himself, comes to the store and leaves with purchases. It is necessary to create an ecosystem of your products, where one complements the other, and to form a whole infrastructure around the use of your product. For example, develop sports in the region and the region if you are a manufacturer of hockey sticks, ”said Mr. Johnson.

Major investors of the Republic of Tatarstan also spoke to the guests of the Club with stories about the results of their work in 2021, proposals and plans for the coming year.

The investor of the Fimako group of companies (the company produces plastic products - approx.) Mr. Tavly Melikh told the audience that at the site of the Innopolis SEZ he would begin to implement a new investment project - an innovative production of plastic products using robotic and automated systems. Linar Khusnullin, general director of the KazanExpress marker place, emphasized that KazanExpress grew out of the size of a simple Kazan company, today they operate almost throughout the country. In 2022, the company plans to launch an order fulfillment center, which will help increase the annual volume of orders to 52 million units, and the volume of revenue to 36 billion rubles. The next speaker was Oktem Ecevit, General Director of Joshkunuz Alabuga. The company specializes in the production of stamped sheet metal parts for passenger cars and utility vehicles. Two of his enterprises are already operating in the republic, in 2022 they are preparing to open a third company, which will open in the territory of the Innopolis SEZ.

“We are not a small and not very big company, we believe in Tatarstan, Russia and continue to invest. But I would like to say that one of the problems faced by many enterprises is personnel. How to find specialists who can work on modern equipment. In a couple of years, this will simply become a critical problem, ”Mr. Oktem Ecevit asked in his speech.

In addition to a rich entertainment program with performances by a string orchestra, a circus collective and even an illusionist show, the main topic of the evening was the awarding of the best investor at the end of the year in the Republic of Tatarstan.

"Investor of the Year" - Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Central Research Automotive and Automotive Institute" NAMI ".

"The best municipal formation of the Republic of Tatarstan for investment activity"

1st place - Nizhnekamsk district,

2nd place - Yelabuga district,

3rd place - Almetyevsk district.

Reinvestor of the Year - Drylock Technologies LLC.

"Discovery of the Year" - LLC "Nanoecohim".

"International recognition" - LLC "Energorazvitie".

ESG Investor of the Year - PJSC TATNEFT.

The best media coverage of investment activities in the Republic of Tatarstan:

The most active is Kazanskie Vedomosti,

Best Regional - "Business Online",

Best federal - ITAR TASS.

The meeting of the Investors' Club was closed by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Aleksey Valerievich Pesoshin.

“I am glad to see you all at the meeting of the Investors Club, these meetings have become a good tradition. Over the past five years, the Republic of Tatarstan has always been in the top three in the country in terms of the investment climate. The volume of investments received from abroad exceeded 233 million US dollars, and the bulk of them is directed to the development of manufacturing industries. In terms of investment in fixed assets, the Republic of Tatarstan ranks first in the Volga Federal District and sixth in the country, ”the Prime Minister of the republic noted.

Alexey Pesoshin also congratulated the Investment Development Agency on the landmark “mini-anniversary” in 2021, when the agency celebrated its 10th anniversary. “God grant that the work continues,” he wished and thanked the republic’s investors who help “strengthen the investment climate of Tatarstan and create an environment for new growth points”.

At the end of the evening, the guests and members of the Club plunged into the festive atmosphere of the upcoming holiday and began informal communication, it is the Investors Club that is the best platform for this.

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