Supervisory Board of SEZ "Innopolis"

6 September 2021, Monday

A meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Innopolis SEZ was held in the Government House, with the participation of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan. The meeting was attended by the head of the Investment Development Agency Taliya Minullina.

As a result of the meeting, 16 new companies became residents and partners of the Innopolis SEZ. The declared volume of investments is over 12 billion rubles, 702 jobs will be created. 7 companies received the resident status: MedMarket, SmartPharm, Sirin Group, Cyberscape Investments, Promvad, Synergy Soft, HightechPark. 9 companies became partners: KUKA Robotics, Dronoport, Akvelon-Kazan, BIMaster, NIIAS, Huawei Tech Company, TS-Innotech, Ak Bars Digital Solutions, Ozon Technologies ...

Huawei Tech Support will develop a static analyzer - a tool for automatic validation and finding hidden defects, which is necessary to improve the quality of the program code. It is assumed that this will be an open source product, that is, developers of other companies can use it to check their program code.

SmartPharm will develop a software and hardware complex for farm management to increase productivity and reduce costs. The complex remotely analyzes the behavior of cows, and the difference from analogs is the use of optical systems for control and data analytics based on artificial intelligence.

Concern KUKA together with Innopolis University opens a competence center for enterprises interested in modernizing production processes. An industrial robot with installed software is supposed to be developed in accordance with customer requirements. Scope of application - light industry, medicine, oil refining industry, metalworking industry, etc.

Ozon Technologies presented a project on robotization and logistics automation of the Ozon marketplace. The project concerns the robotization of logistics centers and the development of robotic systems for efficient storage, processing and delivery of orders.

The project of the Dronoport company is a fully automated station with a drone operating around the clock. In the special economic zone "Innopolis" the company will adapt the technical solution to the needs of the market. Construction monitoring allows you to compare planned and actual indicators on a daily basis. Also, the drone port is used to protect objects with any frequency of flights.

The Sirin Group project is the creation of a hardware and software complex that will be able to work with the systems of locking devices on the market by connecting detectors based on computer vision to them. The product will have a built-in function for opening a barrier / gate in front of emergency vehicles - the recognition accuracy will be at least 95% at any time of the day, without the siren and flashing beacons turned on.

Promvad will open a design center in the SEZ for developing software on a contract basis for client companies from Russia and Europe. The center will specialize in software development for the following areas: media and entertainment, information and control systems for industrial enterprises, consumer electronics, telecommunications.

In the field of software development (fintech, medicine, virtual and augmented reality, etc.) and IT consulting, including for foreign clients, the company "Akvelon-Kazan" will work. The company has been on the market for over 20 years.

The BIMaster company will create a digital twin of a capital construction facility based on its own software to manage an industrial asset at the entire life cycle stage (design, construction, operation and reconstruction). The scope of the developed platform is industrial facilities and critical infrastructure.

The product of TS-Innotech will be digital platform solutions for the banking industry using data mining and artificial intelligence technologies.

HightechPark will create an order fulfillment infrastructure for IT and e-commerce projects. It is planned to build an order fulfillment center on the territory of the SEZ in the Laishevsky district of Tatarstan.

NIIAS is a research and design institute in the railway transport industry that will work in the SEZ on systems to help locomotive drivers. The use of the product will improve the safety, economic and technical efficiency of rail transport.

Cyberscape Investments will be engaged in the development of a payment system in which it is possible to work with all popular currencies and monetary substitutes. Synergy Soft's project is a CRM system for improving the efficiency of business processes.

The service to improve the quality and availability of medical care is being developed by the MedMarket company - this is a mobile application for providing primary care and remote consultations in difficult cases pits of treatment.

This meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Innopolis SEZ is one of the most significant, both in terms of the number of companies and the number of jobs created and the volume of investments.

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