Meeting on the implementation of robotics in production

10 September 2021, Friday

Today in the afternoon at the Investment Development Agency a large meeting of representatives of companies in the production, scientific and technical industries of the Republic of Tatarstan was held on the implementation of robotics in production. Head of the Agency Taliya Minullina took part in the meeting, where the speakers were also the Chairman of the Board of the Machine-Building Cluster of Tatarstan Sergey Mayorov and General Director of KUKA Robotics Dmitry Kapishnikov.

Taliya Minullina made an introductory speech, where she spoke about the need for robotization, automation and digitalization of production in order to increase the competitiveness and export orientation of products manufactured in the republic.

“In a number of foreign countries, it is already quite normal to conduct a technological audit in production to assess the level of automation of certain parameters of the final product release. Based on the results of such an audit, a ranked list of assessments of the robotization of enterprises is created, and then the companies are provided with certain measures of support from the state to increase it. Such experience of assessing and improving the technological effectiveness of the work of the republic would be very interesting, ”Taliya Minullina noted at the meeting.

The experience of KUKA in the implementation of robotics in a company in Tatarstan, which is more than 400 robots, shows good dynamics in increasing the manufacturability of production, the head of the department also said.

Sergey Mayorov, Chairman of the Board of the Machine-Building Cluster of the Republic, noted the importance of using new technologies for the automation of production in Tatarstan in the context of work on the national project "Labor Productivity".

“As far as the implementation of national productivity projects is concerned, there are certainly various forms of support in Russia: this is the Industrial Development Fund, the Innovation Promotion Fund for smaller companies, which we use specifically for robotization. I am glad that not only such giants as KAMAZ, but also small enterprises, some of which are present here today, are actively working in the direction of automation in Tatarstan, ”said Sergei Mayorov.

The main speaker at the meeting was Dmitry Kapishnikov, CEO of KUKA Robotics, who spoke about the need to organize the educational process in terms of robotization of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as the issue of organizing a digital audit to understand the level of digitalization of republican enterprises.

“If we compare the use of industrial robotics globally, then Russia is introducing half as many such technologies than Poland. For example, China over the past year integrated about 140 thousand robots - Russia introduced 1100. This primarily affects labor productivity indicators: the more robots are used in the country, the higher labor productivity, ”Dmitry Kapishnikov said in his report.

Also in the presentation, he clearly showed how foreign countries are actively investing and supporting programs for the introduction of industrial robotics. The example of Sweden on conducting a technology audit is one of the successful examples of robotization, when integrators, after an audit of production facilities, create a report, where they clearly explain the need to implement robots and then are responsible for their work.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of such companies as KAMAZ, SEZ Innopolis, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, IT Park and many others. The meeting resulted in the initiative to create a working group for more detailed work on the issues of technical audit of Tatarstan enterprises and their further robotization.

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