Tatarstan – Karelia: through joint projects to new markets

14 May 2019, Tuesday

The Head of the Republic of Karelia, Arthur Parfenchikov, is highly motivated to implement projects with the Republic of Tatarstan. In an effort to strengthen the trade, economic, scientific, technical, social and cultural cooperation of regions Arthur Parfenchikov arrived in Kazan on a working visit, where, being first of all in the Tatarstan Investment Development Agency, he got an insight into the economic activity and the investment climate of Tatarstan.

In the course of the talks with Taliya Minullina, the head of the Agency, and Roman Shaikhutdinov, the Deputy Prime Minister of Tatarstan, Minister of Information and Communications of the Republic of Tatarstan, Arthur Parfenchikov specified the mature class of managers and infrastructure of the republic as the advantages of Tatarstan for the implementation of joint projects. In turn, Karelia is of great interest for Tatarstan as a platform to enter into the markets of Northern Europe.


“There are the strong, mutually beneficial, relationships between our regions. Now, our task is to increase the volume of deliveries between companies of Karelia and Tatarstan, and to implement joint projects to release the new types of products. Cooperation in the field of transport, agriculture, construction, health care, information technology and communications remains promising,” said Taliya Minullina.

“After the economic and investment development of Tatarstan was introduced, I gave instructions to the Ministry of Economic Development of Karelia to study the experience of the region to create a separate executive authority in charge of investment activities. I believe the work of such department will impact on the results. The example of Tatarstan is more than convincing,” shared Arthur Parfenchikov.

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