SKAZ.KA in Kazan

13 August 2019, Tuesday

For the first time, on September 21, the Tatneft Arena Ice Sports Palace will host the national multicultural festival SKAZ.KA. The festival guests are going to get rich and diverse program and a lot of music!

The first festival participants became known: Chaif rock band tearing up stages for more than thirty years, the princess of the Russian folk, Pelageya, with her band, the bright and inspiring Ivan Dorn, the main characters of St. Petersburg alternative rock, Animal JAZZ. Noize MC band, skillfully combining rock and rap in its tracks, and the Hatters, a heartfelt music group with its unique style, will also appear before the footlights.

In addition, the audience is going to get a unique SKAZ.KA SPORT zone filled with the atmosphere of street dances and beats, so close to the younger generation of guests. Within the sports zone, a street sports festival will be held: a street football competition where the teams from around the world and even football stars are to take part!

The festival is free to the public.

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